The hunt for the spiritual in the form of the search for the missing, and possibly non-existent, manuscript of La Chasse Spirituelle.



Arthur Rimbaud


Andrea Mann, an avid fan of the French Symbolist poet, Arthur Rimbaud, visits his home town of Charleville to recover from the breakup of a long-term affair. 

Andrea meets an attractive youth who believes he is a reincarnation of Rimbaud, and through him becomes embroiled in a manipulative relationship with a man known only as Albert.

Albert, a Magician and Trickster, claims to have discovered the lost manuscript of Rimbaud’s long prose poem, La Chasse Spirituelle.

Through Albert's trickery and mind games Andrea is drawn into an hallucinatory world where she no longer knows what is real and what is not.

Interwoven with this main narrative is an account of the lost manuscript’s whereabouts from its creation to the present day. Told through diaries, letters, blogs and other devices, this includes the story of the explosive love affair of the poets, Rimbaud and Verlaine, and an account of how the poem was originally misplaced. 


Delirium: The Rimbaud Delusion

ebook released 1st August 2014. Info HERE
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How many times had I dreamt of coming across the yellowing manuscript of La Chasse Spirituelle? Inside an old book on a stall in Paris, perhaps. Or in the attic of some befriended ancient. How many daydreams had I enjoyed over the possibility that one day...?
I shook myself. It couldn’t possibly be true.

1872: The explosive love affair between flamboyant French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine rocks French society. They flee to London, abandoning the manuscript of La Chasse Spirituelle to Verlaine’s scorned young wife. When a lawyer's clerk salvages it from a dusty deed box, the manuscript begins its journey down the decades, revealing the secrets and betrayals of its various keepers.

2004: Andrea Mann, disenchanted with life and love, travels to France. Driven by her obsession with Rimbaud, she’s chasing her dream – the missing manuscript. Beside the poet’s grave at Charleville-Mézières, she meets a beautiful young man who shows her a single page – from La Chasse Spirituelle.

Andrea embarks on a desperate quest. Drawn into a manipulative relationship with the youth and his Svengali-like mentor, the mysterious Albert, she faces unwelcome truths. The closer she gets to the manuscript, the further she veers from reality.

But is Albert’s copy genuine? And can La Chasse Spirituelle fill the void in Andrea’s soul?

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Paperback will be available in October 2014.

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