Cover of paperback version of The Man with the Horn.

Original paperback cover.

When Jezebel and Magdalena, a couple of whores of indeterminate sexuality, try to persuade her to host a sex party - 'not an orgy, that sounds so vulgar' - high class call girl, Passionaria, is none too keen. 

But when trumpeter Sal Pinksy puts her in touch with Kid McLean, a former child popstar, and Kid becomes her client, the party takes on a greater significance. 

Passionaria is a devotee of the pagan god Dionysos and the god needs a sacrifice periodically. Kid McLean - sexually abused as a child - needs to atone for what he believes are his sins. Perhaps all these events can be combined?

New ebook cover.

A re-edited, much improved version of 
The Man with the Horn  
is now available in ebook format.

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