Wednesday 21 September 2011

Works in Progress

Just an update on what I'm up to as I haven't blogged for a week or two.

I've been formatting an ebook for Kindle (Garlands & Shadows by Karen MacLeod). It's a romance set in Scotland with a heroine who's no pushover and it features a dishy Spanish hotelier as the love interest. I'll be formatting this one for Smashwords as well soon.

I'm also doing some editing for another writer - Jimmy Bain - and I'll be formatting his new Bumble book (The Long Drop Goodbye) for Kindle shortly. I've got a great cover for it and will be redoing the cover for The Bumble's End to match when the new book is launched.
If anyone out there needs an ebook formatted for Kindle/Smashwords and/or a cover created, do get in touch either here or by Facebook or Twitter or my website. My rates are very reasonable.

Meanwhile, my own projects are proceeding as follows:

Don't Look Down formerly Chill Factor, a crime novel set in Germany, is currently being edited and will be available as an ebook later this year. Hopefully by Christmas!

Poetic Justice or The Spiritual Hunt, a novel about a Rimbaud manuscript, is my current writing project and should be available next year. Fingers very much crossed on this one.

Excerpts from novels in progress can be read on my website but bear in mind these are drafts and the final version will probably be completely different.
Oh, and I've been making blackberry wine, sloe gin, bramble brandy and lots of jam.

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