Monday 21 April 2014

Inspiration for Rimbaud Novel - PART TWO

Delirium: The Rimbaud Delusion


So, having had the first burst of inspiration re the potential discovery of La Chasse Sprituelle, (see last week's blog) I needed further aspects of the story I was to write.

I remembered an incident that happened some time ago in Berlin. I was in the park near Zoo with my Nigerian friend, Bowale, and we got talking to a wild-eyed young man who told us he was under the control of a magician. We went with him to his apartment for coffee but couldn’t stay long in case his magician friend came home.
Manuscript of Voyelles by Rimbaud.
Rimbaud Manuscript

The boy told us this mysterious man had a knack of tapping his —the boy’s— forehead and singing a jingle to control him. He would develop a headache and do what the man instructed. Though he appeared terrified, he refused to leave this maleficent puppet-master.

I was never sure whether this story had any truth in it or whether it was simply the deranged ramblings of a somewhat confused youth, but the idea stuck with me. 

Another What if?

What if it was true and he was being controlled by a powerful Trickster?  

Here was an incident that was a gift for a novelist and I never forgot it. It has rolled around my subconcious for years waiting for the right literary vehicle to come along. When I started writing the Rimbaud novel it hitched a ride - a ride that seemed a perfect fit.

So, out of a chance encounter half a lifetime ago in a park in Berlin, sprang Albert the Magician and Rimboy his protégé.

And another part of Delirium: The Rimbaud Delusion took shape.


Next week - Part Three: Break on through to the other side...

Arthur Rimbaud from a painting by Henri Fantin-Latour.


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