Saturday 27 August 2016


Published by a small press many years ago, THE MAN WITH THE HORN has languished unloved until now.

Edited, revised and reformatted, it is now available as an ebook ftom Amazon. Other retailers will follow soon.


When Jezebel and Magdalena, a couple of whores of indeterminate sexuality, try to persuade her to host a sex party - 'not an orgy, that sounds so vulgar' - high class call girl, Passionaria, is none too keen. But when trumpeter Sal Pinksy puts her in touch with Kid McLean, a former child popstar, and Kid becomes her client, the party takes on a greater significance. 

Passionaria is a devotee of the pagan god Dionysos and the god needs a sacrifice periodically. Kid McLean - sexually abused as a child - needs to atone for what he believes are his sins. 

Perhaps all these events can be combined?

Special release price of 99p from Amazon.

General/Lit Fic/Metaphysical

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