Thursday 21 January 2021

 LOVE ME TENDER - the latest DI Sterling crime novel from Lorraine Mace

Love Me Tender by Lorraine Mace is published by Headline Accent in paperback and eBook on 21st January.


I've read all the Paolo Sterling books and this one doesn't disappoint.

As usual,, it's a mix of gritty crime, police procedure and Paolo's personal life.  

Promoted, against his wishes, to DCI, Paolo is faced with insubordination from a member of his team and disapprobation from his boss.

And if cracking a drugs ring, tracking down a murderer and finding a missing woman isn't enough, he also has worries about his daughter, out of touch in Africa, and a renewed relationship with his ex-wife to contend with.

This is a good solid story of detection and I certainly didn't guess the culprit before the end.

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